Monday, 5 October 2015

Painting Well Hall and Eltham ....... nu 7 the Post Office in Passey Place

Now I can’t remember when the old Post Office in Passey Place shut up shop, stopped selling stamps and taking packages.

It may well have been after I left home for certainly I would have remembered the move to the box round the corner on Court Yard.

At which point I hold my hands up and say I am probably being very unfair to the present Post Office building.

That said it does not have the presence of the old one which was opened in 1912 and looked the part.

But at least the building has survived and Peter’s painting has done it justice.

I could at this point reflect on stamps I bought over the counter or my less than successful job delivering the Christmas post but I won’t.

Instead I shall invite comments stories and pictures of the Post Office then and now.

Painting; the Old Post Office, Passey Place © 2015 Peter Topping 


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