Friday, 8 January 2016

Down in Deptford remembering J Stone and Co ............ another story from Barny

Does anyone remember (or used to work for J Stone and Co Engineering in ​Arklow Road, Deptford?

From 1881 to 1969 the industrial estate was Stone’s engineering works. J. Stone & Co had been founded by Josiah Stone in a workshop in Deptford in 1831, moving in 1842 to railway arches where he made hand pumps and manual fire engines.

The firm moved to Arklow Road in 1881 to make propellers, watertight ships doors, steam pumps, electric lighting systems for railways axle-driven lighting system, and later air conditioning for trains and other engineering products.

There was a Fastener Division, a Boiler Division, a Rail Division, and a Laundry Division. The propeller foundry moved to Charlton in 1916 where it remains.

In 1950 the Deptford works made rail and road transport products, nails, rivets and washers. In 1959 the firm became Stone Platt Industries, and in 1963 Stone Manganese Marine. The Deptford factory closed in 1969.

Stone's Office block. A classical building of 1916, with an extra floor added in 1928

Picture; inscribed name plate, and trade page courtesy of Grace's Guide to Britsh Industrial History,

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