Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Old House at Home in Ladybarn ............... another lost Manchester pub

Now I think the Old House at Home in Ladybarn had a short life.

It doesn’t show up on the 1911 directory for Braemar Road and long ago seems to have stopped selling pints.

But Andy Robertson remembers that “in the late 70s I entered a competition run by the Withington Reporter. 

It listed about 50 pubs in their catchment area and you had to name their breweries. 

This was the only one I had not heard of. Needless to say I found out and won the competition, the prize 8 pints of beer. Happy days.”

And not content with the memory of that successful win Andy went back and took this photograph of the place now that it has reverted to residential use.

All of which now just leaves me to wonder on how many stories the picture will bring to the surface.

Location; Ladybarn, Manchester

Picture; former Old House at Home, 2016, from the collection of Andy Robertson

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