Monday, 25 January 2016

One year and a bit down at the Wilburn Basin

Now back in the summer of 2014 Andy Robertson took a series of pictures of the Wilburn Basin.

It is sited between the Middlewood Locks and Woden Street Bridge and features in the plans for the River Irwell Park which sets forth the vision for  an urban river park to be delivered over the next decade which “will transform the day to day workings of an 8km stretch of the Irwell”*

Our city “has been rated the 14th greatest European city in an independent survey.  
The other 13 cities ahead of Manchester have fabulous water fronts – and Manchester needs the same.  

The Irwell has always been the lifeblood of Greater Manchester and by keeping a singular vision we can make it a unique place to visit.”**

So there you have it, a plan and to go with that some of Andy’s pictures.

Even in its present state the area looks exciting with a hint of its industrial past and stunning views across to the twin cities.

There will be people who will remember it as a working place and I hope will come forward with stories and perhaps old pictures to compliment Andy's collection.

And I noticed some of the land went up for sale last year, comprising 1.34 Hectares (3.3 Acres), Highly Visible with River Frontage, Castlefield & Spinningfields Nearby.***

A year and bit on and Andy was back with a series of pictures which show the development since 2014 and yes the basin is still there but just not as visible.

Pictures; the Wilburn Basin June 2014 & January 2016, from the collection of Andy Robertson

* River Irwell Park,

**Chris Farrow, Chair, Irwell River Park Executive Management Group


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