Saturday, 16 January 2016

That house on Northenden Road ........... the end of the story

Nothing sums up the end of that house on Northenden Road than this pile of rubble, with its fallen decorated stone lintel and bits of broken brick arch.

Andy Robertson came across it just before Christmas as the demolition machines waited in readiness and went back a couple of times to record the end of this old building.

When the first stories appeared it led to a series of memories, sad comments about its demolition and the hint of more than a few stories about the place in happier times.

Well it’s gone, leaving just that pile of rubble, and a hole in the ground.

Now I will go looking for pictures of the house in its former glory but as I suspect these will all be on Trafford’s archive collection I doubt that they will appear on the blog.

Unlike Manchester and Tameside, Trafford still maintain that even for this non commercial blog I would have to by the image before it could be used.

So I shall content myself with one more from Andy on what is left of the place and the picture that kicked the series off.

Pictures; Northenden Road Sale, 2015-6, from the collection of Andy Robertson

*Sale in the 2000s,

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