Thursday, 19 January 2017

Lost and forgotten streets of Manchester ........ nu 80 Snow Hill

Now I will have passed that entrance between the shop Shudehill Supply and its neighbour countless times and never ventured down to explore what was on the other side.

Had I done so I would have come across Snow Hill which is a name I rather like and which you know must have a fascinating history.

It ran from Shudehill to Bradshaw Street and was there by 1793 and did not change over much until it was swept away during the construction of the First City Crossing.

I say during the building of the tram line but I am not quite sure, but like all these things someone will put me right.

The romantic in me would like to think it was a picturesque place  but what ever its origins by the mid 19th century it was a workaday street home to waste dealers, a bookbinder and a drysalters company and seventy years later while the names had changed the businesses were much the same.

That said on the corner with Bradshaw Street was the Castle and Falcon which was certainly there by 1824 and with a bit of digging should reveal a rich history, but that is for another time.

So having started with that entry I will finish with that other side of the street.

Both pictures were taken by John Casey in the 1980s.

Location; Manchester

Pictures; Snow Hill in the 1980s, from the collection of John Casey

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