Friday, 24 March 2017

A little bit of Copenhagen on Oldham Road ........ lost Manchester pubs number 20

I have Andy Robertson to thank for introducing me to the Copenhagen.

That said the invite was too late to allow me to get a drink in the place.

Andy sent these pictures over yesterday and afternoon with the comment that “this is 909 Oldham Road, Newton Heath. 

From what I can gather the pub closed sometime early 2000s. 

When I first came to Manchester in the early 70s I was told about the infamous Oldham Road pub crawl. 

Why they thought I might be interested I do not know! Alas I never ventured.

The Crown & Kettle still exists at number 2, but could this be the only other pub building still existing on Oldham Road all the way from town to Newton Heath.”

Now I leave the answer to that question to hang in the air but I bet Hannah will know and if she doesn’t will set the question going on her Saturday radio programme.*

According to the excellent Manchester Pubs site, the Copenhagen may have still been open as late as 2012.**

All of which makes me wonder whether once Peter and I have finished the Chorlton Pubs book and on the back of the very successful Manchester Pubs book we should entertain the idea of the “Lost Pubs of Manchester.”

But as Eric would point out “what is the fun of a book on lost pubs?  It isn’t as if you can visit them and order up a pint of bitter with a dash of lemonade with a side glass of Creme de Menthe?"

So there you have it, and in the absence of an endorsement from Eric I shall just ask Andy to wander into Oldham and see what pubs he can find to photograph, and in the meantime he could look up Oldham Road in his 1969 durectory and tell me how many pubs there were on that long road.

Location Oldham Road

Pictures; the Copenhagen, 2017, from the collection of Andy Robertson, and in 1961, T Brooks, m36807, courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council,

*Listen to Hannah's Bookshelf - every Saturday 2-4pm on North Manchester 106.6FM

** Pubs of Manchester,

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