Monday, 6 March 2017

The Nokia 3310 ....... the comeback kid

Now here is a little bit of history which I like.

The Nokia 3310 will soon be back.

And this I know because our Josh told me so.

It has a release date of sometime later in the year and will cost £42 and I can’t wait.

The 3310 was the first Nokia I owned and I loved it.

You could drop it and it just bounced, had a battery that didn’t die in half an hour and played Snake.

It saw me through the early years of the new century and I only reluctantly upgraded.

And I stuck with Nokia even after I washed that replacement phone two years ago and finally entered the age of the Smart phone.

That said when Simone got a new mobile I managed to persuade him to part with his old 3310.

Given that he is Italian and the phone was bought in Italy it needed a bit of adjustment but it works as a Pay as you go phone and remains a talking point when I use it.

Of course it will never replace the smart one I now own, which can pretty much do anything I want.

Although the downside is that I do now have to carry a charger permanently with me for that dreaded moment when emails, facebook and the odd telephone conversation reduce the battery to almost nothing.

At which point I shall reflect on how questionable it is to turn the clock back.

After all I doubt any of us would want one of those small black and white TVs an old BBC computer or dispense with the central heating.

Ah I hear you mutter “just because we can do something doesn’t always mean we should” which the industrialists and politicians were all well aware of back in the 1960s when it first became possible to fully automate a car assembly line.

Sadly today the advance of technology in certain sectors has been allowed to go ahead without fully exploring the social impact.

So yes I will go for the new 3310 when it comes out but more as a toy with a bit of nostalgia than a practical part of my 21st century life.

And I will also keep Simone’s because that is the real thing.

Pictures; Nokia 3310 & 6310, 2017 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

*The Story of a Nokia 3310,

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