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One hundred years of one house in Chorlton part 81 ...... the story the house won’t reveal

The continuing story of the house Joe and Mary Ann Scott lived in for over 50 years and the families that have lived here since.*

The fuse box, 1915-1985
Now I fully accept that it is a nonsense to suggest that the house has some part to play in my failure to uncover much about the lives of Joe and Mary Ann.

But that said they remain elusive sitting somewhere in the historical record but as yet stubbornly refusing to come out.

I know when and where they were born, when they got married and the address of their first home, and I know that they lived here in this house from 1915 till they died.

In the case of Mary Ann that was in the September of 1973 but Joe’s date of death has yet to be revealed.

And that is where I left it a full five years ago, and today I have had no more luck.

I did rather think that I might find a clue in Mary Ann’s death certificate which lists a George Kenneth Lowe as the witness but he too has proved impossible to locate.

Inside the fuse box
There was a George Kenneth Lowe born in 1920 and died in 1993 but that is all there is.

As you do I pondered on whether he was the son of one of Joe’s four sisters given that he was described as nephew but so far the records do not reveal that any of them married a Mr Lowe and Mary Ann’s maiden name was Tyldesley.

There are still some people who remember Mr and Mrs Scott but sadly the stories are fragmentary and have yet to offer up any detail.

He was a “good landlord,” “she was small but nice,” “they had no children” and when Mary Ann died “the house passed to an animal charity” who promptly sold it.

It’s not much for what amounts to 50 years in the same house, more so because with the advance of online research the lives of past generations are in many cases an open book.

MEM 15A fuses
And so once again I have to concede defeat leaving so many unanswered questions, from just what did they look like, to what Joe did in the Great War and Mary Ann’s involvement in the community

The answers are out there but as yet remain to be discovered.

And as you do I decided to let the house show off at least one of its secrets.

This is the old fuse box which was original to the house and which was only replaced in the 1985 a full seventy years after it was installed.

We may have lost some of the period features that Joe installed but sitting now in pride of place is this box along with a few other odd bits and pieces.

They may not seem much but the romantic in me likes them.

They are after all something that Joe and Mary Ann would have recognised and used and that will do for me

Location; Chorlton

Picture; the fuse box circa 1915 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

*The story of house,

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