Friday, 31 March 2017

Reflecting on anniversaries

I began writing the book back in 2013.

I say writing it but that is the year I was commissioned by the History Press but it would be more than a year later before I began seriously to consider the project.

Part of the reason was knowing where to look for original source material which was free of copyright restrictions.

But more than that it was about seeking material which had never be seen before and which would bring  out of the shadows some of those who had lived through the conflict and by extension share their lives with people today.

And the story of how I met David Harrop and came to use his collection is on record, so instead I want to reflect on another aspect of writing the book which was and is the anniversaries which roll through each chapter.

It was never designed as a chronological story of Manchester and the war but was grouped into themes from Manchester before the war to the way the city greeted and organised for the conflict in the first few months and then by degree how our citizens adapted to changes brought about by the four years of struggle.

But I was never far away from anniversaries, whether it was the “first Christmas” the Gallopli campaign and later Jutland and the Somme.

And as we progress through 2017 there will be many more which will sit with the personal ones, like the anniversary of the book’s publication, along with the its launch in Central Ref and first time I met those people who contributed family items.

All of which just leaves me to reflect that it is now two months and 29 days since its publication.

Location; Manchester

Pictures; from the launch of Manchester Remembering 1914-18 by ALTOSOUNDS

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