Monday, 6 March 2017

Watching the Ordsall Chord grow ........... no 1

Now I like many have been watching the progress of the Ordsall Chord.

When finished it will connect our two big railway stations, provide a “new direct link to the airport, reduce by a quarter congestion at Piccadilly and offer up more capacity.*

The down side has been the loss of that historic bit of the old 1830 railway which some have argued could have been saved.

During the back end of last year we travelled regularly from Manchester to Warrington and the train journey took us past the construction work and in particular the huge metal structure.

But I never had my camera with me and on the rare occasion I was down close to the site the pictures I took were pretty indifferent.

So I am pleased that Andy Robertson’ son  was better prepared.

He told me that “my son Ian took this series of photos showing the new railway bridge which will link Oxford Rd to Victoria. Two of the largest cranes in Europe were used.”

Andy has built up an impressive catalogue of pictures showing how Manchester and the surrounding towns and cities have changed over the last two decades.

These will provide future historians with a wonderful insight into the transformation of where we live.

And now now we have some equally good ones from Ian.

So I shall ust let the pictures tell the story with more to come.

Location; Ordsall

Pictures; the Ordsall Chord, 2017, from the collection of Ian Robertson   

*Ordsall Chord,

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