Friday, 17 March 2017

Liberty’s Volunteers remembering the Spanish Civil War ...... tomorrow

Now I have returned to the story of Madge Addy who worked in Spain during the Civil War, went on to serve as an agent in occupied France during the Second World War and briefly lived in Chorlton.

Her contribution to both conflicts will be remembered tomorrow at a conference on the Spanish Civil War at which there will be a collection towards financing a blue plaque to commemorate her activities.

Along with a series of short talks, a question and answer session there will be songs from the Civil War, and a showing of the film Voices from a Mountain, which was inspired by the astonishing discovery of an intact memorial to a group of International Brigaders, who were killed during the Battle of the Ebro in the late summer of 1938 and contains interviews with former brigaders, all of whom have now passed.

Location Manchester

The Manchester Conference Centre
& Pendulum Hotel
Sackville Street Manchester M1 3BB

£10 entrance only
(payment on the day)

Payment to IBMT by cheque/PayPal/bank transfer to:
Charles Jepson
Aysgaard, Beardwood Brow, Blackburn, Lancs, BB2 7AT

(please note no receipts will be sent out)

For further information on the conference:

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