Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Piccadilly Gardens ....... the early years nu 5 deckchairs and a floral display

We are in Piccadilly Gardens sometime in the 1950s and the image pretty much speaks for itself.

It will have been the summer and I guess sometime around dinner time judging by the number of people in the picture.

And I bet it will bring many memories flooding back to many people.

Both Suzanne and I have pondered on what they were all looking at, and maybe there will be someone who can tell us.

For what it is worth mine are about sitting in the gardens in the September of 1970 and 71 looking through the first edition of the Evening News for flats.

I think Thursday was the day the new properties were advertised and there was always a rush from buying the paper, to selecting a flat and making that all important phone call from one of the kiosks around the gardens.

But like as not although we were still only 30 minutes or so from the moment that the paper hit the streets many of the most promising properties had already gone.

Those that were left were usually dire with little to commend themselves other than that they were unwanted by anyone else.

All of which was perhaps a full twenty years into the future when the photograph was taken and of course the scene we see has long gone.

Picture; courtesy of Suzanne Moorehead

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