Sunday, 13 August 2017

Chorlton Friends in the 1950s ......... from Frank Tomlin

Now long ago the blog ceased to be just a place for my stories, and over the years it has hosted a whole series of pictures, and articles covering pretty much everywhere.

And so today I want to thank Frank for sharing the first of some of his photographs from the family album along with some of his memories.

Frank attended Chorlton Park Secondary school in the 1950s and “during the school holiday we made the most of the good weather, including camping in our front garden at 2 Dagnall Avenue.

We relied on our Mums for food.

I think from time to time our Dads checked on us during the nights but would never admit it.
Great times without TV or phones.

Only one of the lads had a T/V.

We would all scamper round to his house, if we were lucky and more food was supplied.
Great Times.”

And Frank’s comments brought up memories of my own childhood in the 1950s, roaming free across south east London, doing impossible things and experiencing adventures never to be repeated.

Of all those memories the tent sparked a whole series off.  On a hot summer’s day sitting in that tent with the smell of warm canvas, the sunlight playing on the green sides bathing the interior in a different colours accompanied by long glasses of orange squash.

So keep the pictures and memories coming Frank, I love that wooden wheelbarrow in your back garden.

© Frank Tomlin, 2017
Location; Chorlton

Pictures; Under canvas with Frank and friends, in the garden with Frank’s mum and others, circa 1950-53, from the collection of Frank Tomiln

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