Friday, 4 August 2017

Good evening and welcome back to the Trevor

Now everyone I know has been posting pictures of the outside of the Trevor and pretty good the pub looks.

But these may be the first of the inside of the Trev to come out into the morning sunlight.

There is of course a perfectly good explanation for that because until yesterday the place had been closed for refurbishment which has included knocking through the two bars and adding some new furniture and a lick of paint.

And I like it.

I first crossed the threshold in the mid 70s when Stan Mona and Christine ran the place, and Ann and Jack along with the Judo crowd were in most nights.

It remained our local into the 1980s and even if I was on my own there was always a shed load of people to talk to from Telecom Eddie and Jean the Post to Scotch Ken and many more.

Back then I don't recall a beer garden, and it was just the "yard."

A place Stan and Mona stored the bits of the pub which after doing a useful job never got into the cellar.

I suspect there may have been the odd rickety chair, a spare darts board left soaking in a tub of water and other things.

I did try to get into the beer garden last night bu it wasn't to be.

Ann however did and she told me that they had "popped in last night, thought it was lovely.  We sat outside because of the strong smell of glue but that's understandable because of all the new upholstery, cracking outside area."

And she shared a picture which is equally happy to share again here on the blog.

All of which is a roundabout way to say I was back in the company of Peter his wife and friends to introduce the pub to the new book on Chorlton pubs and bars.

We were made very much at home y Phil the manager and the staff,

And the rest as they was a couple of bottles of Peroni, some fine conversation including a chat to Janice from Morrisons and the sale of eight books.

Enough said .............. more to come.

Location; Chorlton

Picture; the inside of the Trevor from the old vault, 2017 from the collection of Andrew Simpson and the beer garden 2017, courtesy of Susan Bowie

*A new book on the pubs and bars of Chorlton,

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