Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Tales from the Trevor Arms ....... part 2

Now there will be many of us with stories about the Trevor.  

Mine revolve around many happy nights in the pub in the 1970’s in the company of Tom, Keith and Mike, Lois and John.

But others will remember the man with the goat, the mixed darts team, and Jack and Ann who sat at the table between the bar and entrance to the lavatories holding court every night.

The Trevor in 2011
We usually shared their table from which we could gaze out across the room and pass conversations with Telecom Eddy, Jean the Post and the Judo crowd, along with Scotch Ken and the woman Jack called the “Jockey.”

The place long predates the sign over the door and was once just a humble beer shop selling beer from the front room of what may well have been a wattle and daub cottage.

These and many more stories are in the new book on Chorlton pubs and bars which came out earlier in the year.*

And now it has had a makeover adding yet another chapter to its long history.

The two bars have become one, the beer garden has been upgraded and the exterior repainted with a new pub sign.

And there is a story about one of the old pub signs which my old mate Joe told me about a long time ago, which is for another time.

But in the meantime here is Peter’s painting of the Trevor on a warm summer’s day back in July 2011 during one of the Beech Road Festivals.

Next; a brewery, more on the man who took his goat into the Trevor and ofcourse the new Peter painting of the outside which he is finishing as I write.

Painting; The Trevor Arms,  © 2011 Peter Topping, Paintings from Pictures,
Web: www.paintingsfrompictures.co.uk
Facebook:  Paintings from Pictures

*A new book on the pubs and bars of Chorlton, https://chorltonhistory.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/A%20new%20book%20on%20Chorlton%20Pubs%20and%20bars

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