Wednesday, 2 August 2017

That new book on the history of the Progress Estate ......... a must to have

Well my copy arrived today and it looks to be all that I expected it to be.

There are chapters on the origin of the estate along with an explanation of the idea behind the Garden Suburb and the story of how the Progress developed over the last century and a bit.

There are plenty of illustrations including two familiar ones of Manchester cellar dwellings in the 1840s, which have a special resonance given this is my adopted city.

And there is plenty more from some very interesting set of tables on everything from the development of London’s suburbs to the numbers of residents on the estate.

I especially like the inclusion of diagrams and plans showing houses on the Progress and comparing them with similar garden suburbs.

But one of the real attractions has to be the descriptions of the roads around the estate and the origins of their names.

What’s more there is a comprehensive bibliography and index making it perfect for anyone wanting to follow up on the subject.

That said I do think Mr Billinghurst’s book has got the lot.

The cover price of £13.95 includes free delivery by second-class mail to addresses in the UK.

However, each household on the Estate may buy one copy for £10 and people living elsewhere in SE9 may do so for £12.

To order, either write to stating your name, address and phone number or call or text 07962 877389 to provide the same information.

Location; Well Hall, Eltham

Picture; cover The Origins and Evolution of the Progress Estate

*The Origins and Evolution of the Progress Estate, Keith Billinghurst, 2017

**Progress Estate Residents' Association,

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