Thursday, 10 August 2017

Tales from the Trevor Arms ....... part 3

Now just over a week ago the Trevor Arms reopened after a short make over.

I say makeover but that is to short change what Green King who own the place have done to the pub.

The two rooms have been knocked through, the beer garden upgraded, and above all the exterior has gone through a transformation.

The peeling paint, and that sign “The Famous Trevor Arms” have gone, and replaced by a tasteful finish which has seen the restoration of the old brewery sign advertising Groves & Whitnall’s Ales.

Outside the Trevor Arms, August 2017
I can’t say that the “famous” title ever did much for me and I like the restoration of the reference to Groves & Whitnall’s Ales which began in Salford in 1868 and began an expansion which saw it buy up nearly 600 pubs by the beginning of the 20th century.

The Trevor was one of these and in 1908 had its first major makeover when the present building was opened.

There will be plenty of stories from its 120 years but one of my favourites is the one about the man who brought his goat to the pub and for the price of a couple of pints hired it out  to customers who used it instead of a lawn mower.*

Now that one passed me by but I do remember the chap who lived on the meadows in a tent although I had forgotten that he wandered around Chorlton in all weathers without his shirt or that late at night he would sometimes stand outside one pub on the green and begin howling which set the dogs off.

All of which leaves me to reflect that with the makeover we shall in due course add to the section in the book on Chorlton’s pubs and bars which mentions the Trevor and for now leave you with Peter’s new painting.

Painting; The Trevor Arms,  © 2017 Peter Topping, Paintings from Pictures,
Facebook:  Paintings from Pictures

*A new book on the pubs and bars of Chorlton,

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