Saturday, 5 August 2017

Walking in Alexandra Park in the November of 2014 part 2

The thing about Alexandra Park is that it looks good pretty much all the year round and so here are a series of pictures from Andy Robertson taken at the end of November on a day when the sun shone and the last of the leaves had yet to fall.

I thought I would start with the lake not least because it will allow me to include one of almost the same spot taken over a century ago.

The earlier shots come from a delightful little collection marketed by the Valentine company under the simple title of “VALENTINE SNAPSHOTS, 12 REAL PHOTOGRAPHS FOR YOUR ALBUM 1/-.”

They date from 1906 and perfectly capture what the park once looked like.

Not that I want to short change Andy’s pictures which make me wish I had wandered down there myself.

The makeover has recreated a stunning place to walk and take time out from the usual busy demands of everyday life.

And of course there is much more to the park for not only has it given untold pleasure to countless generations of people but has a rich history, including demonstrations and events stretching back into the 19th century.

Pictures; walking in the park in November 20114, from the collection of Andy Robertson and the lake, Alexandra Park, from Valentine’s Snapshots of Alexandra Park, date unknown, courtesy of Ann Love

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