Saturday, 11 August 2018

No one told me they were knocking down the Welcome Inn

True I was living in Manchester at the time and it was June 2006, but even so this place was part of my childhood, along with many others from Well Hall.

It is a pub I have written about already, particularly in a story exploring its history.*

And it was the first pub you spotted on the 161 coming in from Woolwich and after a long walk in the woods might well be the place to slack your thirst.

I first went in aged 17, pretending to be 18, and I guess because it was a quiet Wednesday afternoon we got away with it.

Today I shudder at the consequence for the landlord if we had been discovered by the police.

It was also where I first saw colour TV, in BBC 2, in the summer of 1968 when Wimbledon was being shown as a preview of what was to come.

But above all it will be of sitting in my bedroom late on a Sunday evening listening to the crowds walking back down Well Hall from the Welcome.

With the windows open on a warm summer’s night and the thought of school in the morning there was something very attractive about the happy groups making their noisy way home past our house at 294.

So I was pleased when John King posted these of the pub from June 2 2006.

His collection of images of south east London from the 1960s till now, continue to fascinate me and as ever I am indebted to him for granting permission to use them.

Location; Well Hall Road

Pictures; demolishing the Welcome Inn, June 2, 2006 from the collection of John King

*The Welcome Inn ................... the early days,

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