Tuesday, 4 December 2012

After the Infirmary and before the Gardens Piccadilly circa 1914

Well there are postcards and there are postcards and on a scale of one to ten this ranks pretty low on the quality level.

All of which is a shame because it dates from sometime after 1914, when the Royal Infirmary was demolished.

In the distance is the temporary building which houses Manchester Central Library from 1912, which was the old Infirmary Accident and Out-patients department and still had carved in the stone above the doorway the word "Dispensary". They are there at the far end on the right, looking like some half timbered building.

But there is plenty to see.  The old hospital site is still just a site, and it would be some years before it became our largest open space in the city centre.

And most of the traffic consists of trams horse drawn vehicles and even a hand cart with a set of ladders.

Picture; from the collection of Rita Bishop, courtesy of Davis Bishop

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