Sunday, 27 December 2015

"A Pearl of Girl" ........... a picture postcard from 1912

Now as far as I know there is no connection between Eltham and the young woman staring back at us.

Of course it is possible that the picture postcard was sold locally or may even have been sent to someone in Well Hall.

But that is all speculation and so instead I shall just tell the little I know.

It was one of a series issued by Tuck and Sons in the early 1920s but may be earlier and along with poses of the young woman reclining on a couch there are another six with her standing in slightly different poses holding a pitcher.

Those of her reclining come from a series entitled "A Pearl of a Girl" and the other six “A Pearl of the Ocean.”

What further intrigues me is that the one of her reclining was sent from Nice to a Mademoiselle Pauline Barbaroux in 1923 which is not surprising given that Tuck and sons were an international company.

But it had been printed in the UK and so just maybe it was sent by someone who had passed through Britain or perhaps was on holiday in France.

Sadly I guess I will never get to know.

But I do have the reference numbers for the picture postcards, and will go looking for the catalogue of Tuck's postcards which should offer up more information on the picture.

And I suppose I might even go looking for Mademoiselle Pauline Barbaroux but perhaps that should just be left well alone.

Picture; A Pearl of a Girl circa 1921, from the series A Pearl of a Girl, marketed by Tuck and Sons, courtesy of Tuck DB,

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