Thursday, 28 July 2016

HOE'S SAUCES .......... THE VERY BEST, reading the adverts in 1900 and discovering a bit more only this morning

Now here is a story that has just got to see the light of day again.

Back in December 2013 I posted this picture with the hope that one day “I can track down Hoe & Co Ltd, Manchester.”

Well it took a tad longer but here from Bill Sumner is the following, posted to the orginal this morning.

As the Corporation Gas Board used to say, “We always get there in the end.”

And so here thanks to Bill is the added bit of the story.

 “Hoes Sauce Factory was behind the Robin Hood Pub on the corner of Ryecroft Road and Urmston Lane.

The bus stop to Urmston was just beside the Office doors and waiting for a bus there you had to endure the overwhelming strong smell of vinegar.

The sauce was a dark fruity sauce not unlike H.P. 

The Company was taken over by Norco Pickles Middleton and the factory was demolished in the 70's/80s and is now the Robin Hood Car Park.”*

Picture; Hoe’s Sauces   from the series Celebrated Postcards, marketed by Tuck & Sons, date unknown, courtesy of Tuck DB,

* Bill Sumner

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