Monday, 11 July 2016

A hole in the ground at Knott Mill

Now there is no disguising that this is a hole in the ground.

At which point that 1962 song by Bernard Cribbins* springs to mind or the equally funny but savage music hall classic “They're moving father's grave to build a sewer”**

But as holes go this one is interesting and no doubt when finished the building which fills the hole will excite even more controversy than the Beethan Tower because it will be another of those monster structures which will dominate not only the city but also be seen from way outside Manchester.

All of which just leaves me to promise that as construction begins Andy will be back to record its story, from the first day the ground is broken to the time sometime in the future when its glass and steel sides glisten in
the Manchester sun.

All of which just leaves a retrospect story on what was once there.

Location; Knott Mill

Pictures; construction underway, 2016 Knott Mill from the collection of Andy Robertson

*Bernard Cribbins,  Hole In The Ground, 1962

**"They're moving father's grave to build a sewer
They're moving it regardless of expense.
They're moving his remains to lay down nine-inch drains
To irrigate some rich bloke's residence.

Now what's the use of having a religion?
If when you're dead you cannot get some peace
'Cause some society chap wants a pipeline to his tank
And moves you from your place of rest and peace...

Now father in his life was not a quitter
And I'm sure that he'll not be a quitter now.
And in his winding sheet, he will haunt that privy seat
And only let them go when he'll allow.

Now won't there be some bleedin' consternation,
And won't those city toffs begin to rave!
But it's no more than they deserve, 'cause they had the bleedin' nerve
To muck about a British workman's grave."

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