Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My house on Well Hall Road and two more, thank you Chrissie

Another in the series which feature contemporary photographs of places with a history.

This was where we lived from 1964 till 1991.

Back then the front door was painted blue and there was a front porch which was only built after dad had submitted plans to the Progress Estate.

The walls were yet to be painted white and the bins were kept at the back.

My bedroom was the one at the from above the door.

There was still a brick wall separating the wide expanse of green from the street to our front door and the very tall and impressive tree still dominated the spot

And Mrs Gold lived next to us in the end house to your left.

All of which is perhaps a tad too personnel so instead I shall include two more pictures of the Well Hall estate for no other reason than I lived there and they were taken by new friend Chrissie and I like them.

Looking at them again they bring back fond memories.

Of course that odd well worn thought "that you don't miss the place till you've gone" is pretty much how I feel when I see these scenes of Well Hall.

But there will be lots of new people who will be enjoying the place and its history so that is consolation enough.

Pictures; of the Progress Estate, Chrissie Rose, February 2014

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