Sunday, 10 July 2016

Didsbury Pubs .............. stories, paintings and a bit more ........ nu 1 the Crown

A short series reflecting on some of the Didsbury pubs Peter has painted and I have spent time in.

I have to confess it will be a long series given that both of us over the years can claim to have been in all of them, although never I hasten to add been thrown out.

This is the Crown Inn.

The Crown has not always occupied the entire block from York Street down to the new build.

Back in 1911 it was just the central property comprising eight rooms and was run by the 49 year old Albert Eggleton who was a widow.

Next to him at number 118 were John and Kate Booth who described themselves as shop keepers of mixed business while on the other side at 122 Mr Bourne, the tailor had left sometimes between the December of 1910 and the April of 1911.

At eight rooms the Crown was far larger than number 118 which had just four rooms or number 126 with its 3 rooms.

And that just leaves me to quote Andy who told me "I remember going there in early/mid seventies.

On Sunday lunchtime there used to be an informal folk session and Harry Boardman that famous Lancashire dialect singer would often turn up.

There was an old silver haired waiter called Billy dressed in a smart white coat. 

You pressed the bell behind you and up he would pop and take your order thus saving valuable drinking time which was valuable as pubs only opened 12-2 those days."

So there you have it, a little bit of pub history which just leaves me to do the outrageous plus....... you find

Peter’s painting is in our book Didsbury Through Time, available at Morton’s Bookshop, and at the this very moment we are working on Manchester Pubs, The stories behind the Doors.

Location; Didsbury

Painting; Crown Inn  © 2014 Peter Topping, Paintings from Pictures, Web:

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