Friday, 22 July 2016

Buying your postage stamps on Todd Lane before catching the 16. 30 from Victoria

Now Corporation Street is one of the more fascinating streets in the city.

It started at Market Street crossed Cannon Street and ran on to the junction with Fennel Street and Withy Grove at what was called Hydes Cross.

Later it was extended to Ducie Bridge where it joined Cheetham Hill Road and continued on as a much narrower street to Ashley Lane.

And along its route it rubbed up against Hanging Ditch, Long Millgate and a shedload of small alleys and courts with names like Cockpit Hill, Hodson’s Square, McDonalsd’s Lane and Piggot’s Court, which in turn gave access to Back Tipping Lane, and Cromford Court.

All of which is an introduction to this Post Office sign which was located in Victoria Railway Station on top of a pillar box and pointed to the sub post-post office on Todd Street.

The building is still there although the Post Office has gone.

So now all we have is the sign which comes from David Harrop’s big collection of all things post office of which more I shall say another time.

Location Manchester

Picture; Post Office sign circa 1980, from the collection of David Harrop

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