Monday, 4 July 2016

Celebrating our waterways

It is easy sometimes to forget just how much open water there is close to the centres of the twin cities.

We may not be Venice and while there are those who make claims about the water ways of Birmingham I remain impressed by what we have.

And something of all that was caught in 2014 by Andy Robertson who was down by Pomona Docks.

I like the way he matched all that open water with scenes of our industrial past and the fast growing new sky line.

And in almost all the pictures he shot there is the Betham Tower which is both hated and loved in equal measure.

But there also is the clock tower of the Town Hall, jumbled up with the railway viaducts and the new build on the Salford Manchester boundary.

Now I am not alone in rediscovering the docks and there have been, and are plans for the redevelopment of the area, all of which I suspect means that Andy’s pictures will soon be as much a  record of a vanished scene as those made almost a century ago.

Pictures; Pomona Docks, November 2014, from the collection of Andy Robertson

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