Sunday, 9 October 2016

Down in Well Hall with another stunning floral display

Now I have never tires of the floral display in the Pleasuance.

In time I will track back and find when the first was laid out which I guess would have been when the gardens were first taken into the hands of Woolwich Borough Council.

And I know they also have given a lot of pleasure to lots of people.

I passed the display each day on the up to the roundabout from the station and were a powerful nod to the fact that I was home.

Now Eltham is not alone in having such impressive floral displays and in their way they are one of the small but important achievements of local government.

My favourite display was that of the coat of arms of Woolwich but I also remember other equally impressive displays.

And as ever Chrissie Rose has come up trumps.  Having posted one of her pictures recently she came up with a second taken today.

So here are both of those pictures.

Pictures; of the Pleasunce 2013, & 2105 © Chrissie Rose

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