Tuesday, 18 October 2016

So farewell the Sherwood in Fallowfield some will mourn your passing and even when you were the Orange Grove

Now back in the 1970s Private Eye regularly ran short poems which I think were by E J Thrib and were a comment on the events of the day.

They began “So farewell  ............” and ran on with some impossible rhymes and often scurrilous descriptions of the passing of a politician or personality.

So with that in mind to accompany Andy Robertson’s pictures I invite poems on the passing of the Sherwood which dates back to at least the 1840s and possibly even earlier.

Andy knew it well but I rather think never visited it after its name change.

Andy writes, “Drove past today and the Sherwood/Orange Grove in Fallowfield is no more”

Helpfully he offered up an image from the Local Image Collection for those who don’t remember it or equally those who want to remember it in happier times.

I have decided to go with one of his from December 2015, and the current hole in the ground.

Location; Fallowfield

Pictures; the Sherwood in 2015 and now from the collection of Andy Robertson

*Manchester Local Image Collection, http://images.manchester.gov.uk/ResultsList.php?session=pass&QueryName=BasicQuery&QueryPage=/index.php?session=pass&Restriction=&StartAt=1&Anywhere=SummaryData|AdmWebMetadata&QueryTerms=m50564&QueryOption=Anywhere

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