Thursday, 6 October 2016

Growing up in Oldham........... stories from Ron Stubley

My earliest memories were at 99 Abbeyhills Rd, Oldham, the cream fronted house in the picture. 

From the gate at the bottom of the steps, I watched a steamroller laying tarmac over the road's cobbled surface and remember a coal cart sliding down the steep incline at the side one icy winter.

Whilst at 99, I remember my mam spraining her ankle quite badly, necessitating a visit to the doctor and the subsequent bill.      

From there we moved across the road to Prior Cottage, now demolished by a gas explosion many years ago.

No.2 Prior St. had a bath (dad had a dirty job) which was the main reason for our move.

We lived at 2 Prior St. by the side of the Co-op until about 1953 when my dad took a pub in Ashton. We were there in 1944 when a 'doodlebug' claimed 37 lives close by..... but that's another story.

© Ron Stubley 2016

Location; Oldham

Pictures; from the collection of Ron Stubley

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