Thursday, 13 October 2016

History in the making ................. A Journey to Canada ........... not to be missed

As someone who spent his career teaching history and continues to have a passion for the subject I think the Together Trust should be applauded for their new project involving young people in telling the story of British Home Children.

The project has featured on their blog already and today they reveal the nest phase.

“Our Heritage Lottery Funded project ‘Deep Pockets and Dirty Faces’ is back in full swing again. Over the summer we’ve been busy working on our new film A Journey to Canada’, where our young people have partaken in new experiences and worked in front of the camera, to produce a historical documentary based on the Together Trust’s past.* 

We are really excited to reveal the result of this work, which will be shown for the first time during two live performances at the Together Trust Centre in November. 

‘A Journey to Canada’ builds on previous work completed by young people at the Together Trust, who have been learning about the experiences of orphans who used to live in the charity’s homes in the early 1900s. 

The film centres round young people today experiencing activities that would have been undertaken by these 19th century orphans, embarking on their journey to Canada to start a new life. 

We are now working on two live performances in which to showcase the film. Combining multimedia and live performance it promises to be an entertaining delve into the charity’s history."

And for the rest you will have to follow the link to the blog.  Couldn’t be easier.

*A Journey to Canada - diary event, Getting Down and Dusty,

Picture; courtesy of The Together Trust,

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