Sunday, 9 October 2016

Lost and forgotten streets of Manchester ........... no 60 the Old Road

It runs from Hardy Lane skirts the old village of Chorlton-cum-Hardy before running  over Turn Moss to Stretford.

Strictly speaking it is not the Old Road that is a fanciful name I gave it and on its way it has had lots of names.

Part of it was chopped when Chorltonvile was built although there is still a right of way known as the “stumps.”

Just before it gets to Stretford it goes under the Duke’s Canal and at this point thre is a raised and protected pathway no doubt to ensure the safety of people as wagon passed under the canal viaduct.

It now stops a little short of its original course at Stretford.

Location; Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Picture; the Old Road, 2010 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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