Monday, 2 January 2017

Dolly and her Zebra ................. at the Longford in Stretford this January 78 years ago

Now when you spend your time writing about the past sometimes you know pretty much when to let the story tell itself.

So here we are at the Longford in Stretford with Dolly & her Zebra.

It was billed as a stage show for the family with “Stars of Radio and Circus” and in the January of 1940 who could compete with that?

And the fact that it is 1940 means that it was the stars of the wireless who were the attraction including Less Allen who was  a Canadian saxophonist and vocalist popular in Britain during the 1930s, Dominic Roche and my own favourites Clapham and Dwyer who were a comedy duo through out the 1920s in to the 40s and were once banned by the BBC for six months from the Light Programme for a risque joke.

According to one source after a page of their script went missing the two ad-libbed with

"What’s the difference between a champagne cork and a baby?” asked Clapham. When Dwyer replied that he didn’t know Clapham retorted: “A champagne cork has the name of the maker on it”*

All of which was a long way in the future when Dolly and her Zebra took to the stage of the Longford.

And that is about all I have to say unless of course someone volunteers a memory of the event.

Pictures;advert for the Longford, January 1940, from the collection of Sally Dervan

* Clapham and Dwyer,

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