Thursday, 26 January 2017

Memories of the Swan in Collyhurst ................ lost Manchester pubs and a set of questions

Now I say lost but I am not quite sure and I am prepared to offer up a humble apology to the landlord/landlady and clientele of the Swan on  Hamerton Road.

The picture is another from that wonderful collection of Manchester and Salford in the 1980s.

They belong to John Casey and are a fabulous record of what the twin cities were like just three decades ago.

John told me that “this was once our local in the 50s/60s, Norman St. off Rochdale Road, Collyhurst. 

Not sure if it's still there but imagine it will be closed if the building is still standing.  The first is is mine, the other two I think are from Central Library.”

All of which presents me with lots of questions.

Does the pub still do the business of selling beer and cheer?  Is the building still standing and does anyone recognise the other two images?  A trawl of the Local Image Collection didn’t offer a match for the two and given that I only post pictures with permission I shall leave them out which is a shame, given that both perfectly record how parts of Manchester and Salford went through those huge house clearance schemes.

Location; Collyhurst

Pictures; the Swan, circa 1980s 

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