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Looking for Madge Addy from Chorlton ........ a new development

This is the continuing story of Madge Addy who worked in Chorlton, was a nurse in the Spanish Civil War and was awarded an OBE for her wartime work as an undercover agent in occupied Europe during the last world war.

Ms Addy, 1938
It is a story I keep coming back to but one made difficult because while most of the references give her name as Madge she was actually Marguerite and was married three times, first to an Arthur Wilson Lightfoot later a Mr Holst finally Mr Hansen.

All of which makes trawling the records that bit more difficult.

But bit by bit that story is coming to light and here I have to declare that most of the hard research has been done by Chis Hall.

It was he who discovered that she had been married three times and not the twice as cited  by many sources.

And it was discovery that led Chris to an address in Chorlton where she was living in the mid 1930s.

This was 34 Manchester Road, which is still there and is the third house down from Selbourne Road.

In time we may also find where she was working as a hairdresser/masseur now that we have her married name.  A previous trawl of the directories using Addy failed to locate the business, but of course she may not have owned the shop only worked there.

Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, 1938
Still we now have her home address and this will help the move to erect a blue plaque to commemorate this courageous woman.

The cost of the blue plaque will be met by voluntary subscriptions and anyone who would like to make a contribution or share memories of Ms Addy should contact Chris by emailing him at or on 0161 861 7448.

Location; Chorlton, Spain, & France

Pictures; Ms Addy in 1938 Chorlton in the 1930s from the Lloyd Collection

*Madge Addy;

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