Friday, 13 January 2017

Madge Addy ........ nurse and secret agent comes out of the shadows

Now the remarkable story of Madge Addy is about to reach a much wider audience and with that I hope we are one step nearer commemorating her achievements in two of the major armed conflicts of the 20th century.*

Ms Addy was born in Rusholme, lived in Chorlton and volunteered to serve as a nurse during the Spanish Civil War.

She wrote regular letters home highlighting the bravery and the hardships endured by the supporters of the democratically elected Government of Spain which was fighting a rebellion of Nationalist army officers.

The war marked the fault line between the progressive and democratic forces of Europe who were pitched against the conservative and far right groups which included Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

After the defeat of the Republican Government by the Nationalist Ms Addy went on to serve as an agent for the British in occupied France during the Second World assisting escaping allied POWs and carrying secret documents on commercial German airliners.

Her activities have been largely forgotten and neither the Guardian or the Times carried an obituary when she died in 1970.

But this is now being rectified by Chris Hall who has not only been researching her life but is working towards the erection of a blue plaque.

And now after four stories on the blog Ms Addy has featured in the Manchester Evening News, will be in the next edition of Chorlton’s Open Up magazine and will appear on Granada News and Nursing Standard.

It is only as it should be for a woman who risked much but never seems to have wanted to publicise her achievements.

There may be some who also have knowledge of Madge or would like to make a contribution to the cost of the plaque and if so please contact Chris by email at or on 0161 861 7448.

The campaign for the blue plaque is fully supported by Chorlton's three councillors.**

Location; Chorlton, Spain, France

Picture; Nurse Madge Addy giving a blood transfusion; Daily Worker, November 11, 1938 and Madge Addy, 1938

*Madge Addy,

**Cllr Shelia Newman,  0161 234 1841 (Town Hall)

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