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Tony Goulding’s ...... CHORLTON-CUM-HARDY HISTORY QUIZ - CHRISTMAS 2016 Part two the answers

Yesterday Tony challenged you ........... how well did you go?

1) What was the surname of the 2 brothers charged with the murder of P.C. Cock in 1876?  Ans.  Habron, William and his older brother John. John was acquitted, William, however, was found guilty and was only saved from the gallows by the intervention of the Home Secretary who having granted a reprieve commuted the sentence to penal servitude for life. This was exceedingly fortunate as only a couple of years later another man the infamous Charles Peace admitted to committing the crime whilst awaiting execution for a different crime.

2) Which football league club was the young footballer, Peter Mee playing for at the time of his tragic drowning in the river Mersey near Jackson’s Boat in, November, 1923? Ans. Southport F.C. then in the old Division 3 North.

3) Whilst on the subject of football who was George Best’s landlady, while he was living in the area in the l960’s /early 1970’s? Ans. Mrs Fullaway, at 9, Aycliffe Avenue.

4) Which curate at St. Clement’s church committed suicide by taking an overdose of Laudanum at his lodgings on Stockton Road? Ans. Roland Joseph Blain.

5) What year did McDonalds restaurant on Barlow Moor Road open? Ans. 1989 – (December)

6) Which family was virtually wiped out by the bomb that also destroyed the old Chorlton-cum-Hardy Post Office in the “Christmas Blitz” of, 1940? Ans. The “Carrs”- father, Ernest mother, Jeanne, son William (9), and daughter, Hazel (11).

7) Which surname links the history of Chorlton Good Neighbours with the old off-license on St Anne’s Road? Ans. Krell. Mrs Muriel Krell was a “Good Neighbours” administrator in its early years, whilst the off-license was run for the best part of four decades by a Mrs. Bertha Solomon under her maiden name of Krell.

8) Who was the parish priest of “Our Lady and Saint John’s” during the Second World War who had been awarded an M. C. in the First? Ans. Canon Edward McGuiness.

9) Which saint was the original Roman Catholic Church on the High Lane/Chequers (ex-Church) Road corner dedicated to? Ans, Saint Augustine. There had been a previous priory dedicated to Saint Peter located near where Needham Avenue is now.

10) Which soldier on the Manchester Road Methodist’s War Memorial has a double entry? Ans. A.C Wagstaffe on the front is also included on a side panel (as A Clifford Wagstaffe) of men recorded on a memorial of the Primitive Methodist’s Church on High Lane, added when that church closed in the mid-1960’s.

11) Which member of the Royal Family visited Cundiff Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy on the 24th October, 1969? Ans. The Princess Royal at the time Princess Anne – she came to lay the foundation stone of a home for the Multiple Sclerosis Society which was never subsequently built on the site where Arden Court is now.

12) Many sons of Chorlton-cum-Hardy and Whalley range were killed on 20th July, 1916 whilst serving on the Somme as part of a “Public Schools and University’s “battalion attached to which regiment? Ans. The Royal Fusiliers it was one of the so-called “Pals” battalions.

© Tony Goulding, 2016

Pictures; of Beech Road in January 2009 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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