Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Vanished Ones ............... no 3 less vanished and more returned

Now take a keen photographer with an eye for how the city is changing and you get a new series which for want of a better title I shall call the “Vanished Ones.”

I am back with my old friend Andy Robertson who makes it his business to record the passing of everything from pubs, mills to offices and houses.

Those who follow the blog regularly will know just how tenacious he can be at chronicling the passing of one building and the emergence of another.

And in this case it is less a vanished building and more a restored one.

Although even to say that is to play with words.

This is Fountain Street where it joins Market Street and for a long time I have wondered what was going in to the void created by the building work.

And as I haven’t been on Market Street for a while I am pleased Andy has supplied the answer.

Back in 2012 it was two shops, one on the corner selling phones and the second selling health food.

Sometime in early 2014 the shops closed and work began on making one big retail premise.

Work dragged on into 2015 and then the following year all was done and the place reopened as a phone shop.

Now the chronology surprised me and made me realize that I must have passed the place after it reopened but never clocked the changes.

All of which suggests that I should be more observant.

Location; Fountain Street Market Street 2015-2017

Pictures; Fountain Street Market Street 2015-2017 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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