Saturday, 9 September 2017

The ghost sign and the mystery

Now here is a fine ghost sign which my old friend Ron has passed over to me.

He wrote that “found this sorting through old railway pictures taken by Robert Fysh. 

No indication of where or when but I'm sure you'll find out. Ron.”

So there is the challenge.

Ron’s picture arrived yesterday and the hunt is on.

There may be a clue in that building on the left and of course given the connection with railways, it is possible someone will identify the site.

We hall see.

Location; unknown

Picture; ghost sign by Robert Fysh from the collection of Ron Stubley

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  1. Marion Jackson on Facebook has it correct. "...the road from Sale to Altrincham at the lights for Broadheath retail park. Pub on opposite corner called The Railway. The sign is now partially covered by recent advertising." Opposite Halfords. Boyz2men Barbershop Manchester Road/Viaduct Road. Tim Crumpton