Friday, 12 October 2018

Eltham from the pen of Llwyd Roberts ....... nu 2 St Mary's School 1929

Now I am a great fan of the work of Mr Llwyd Roberts.

He was during the 1920s and 30s our artist in residence and during that time produced a heap of line drawings of Eltham and the surrounding area.

Some were reproduced from old photographs while others  were as he saw them at the time.

This is St Mary’s School which dates from 1928 in a building which was in its time both an academy  for young gentlemen and before that a private residence.

According to Mr Roberts, this was "the convent chapel and St Mary's Diocesan Orphanage garden are replaced by the pavement in the now widened High Street.  The nun's house on the left has gone.  St Mary's School in its present form was founded in 1928."

And if you want more I suggest you follow the link.*

Picture; Eltham Parish Church; drawn circa 1929, Llwyd Roberts

* St. Mary's (Eltham) Community Complex,


  1. The picture show the convent as was and it still stands there today,
    behind was the 5 classrooms of St Mary's RC secondary on this side of Philpot path, the playground was directly on the oppisite side of the path
    with the hall/gym/dining hall to the playgrounds left and the Junior school to the right as up to 1964 when at the age 14-11 months I left to enter the big wild world

  2. the girls playground was adjacent to the convent building, the boys playground was on the other side of philpot path, with the infants school to the right side of it, and the famous woodyard to the left.myself and my three brothers all went to st marys from mid 1940s until i left in 1960

  3. Dear Andrew, I have just spent the hour browsing through some of your reminiscences of SE London in the 50s & 60s. Very interesting. It reminded me of a bus trip you and I made up to Billingsgate market in the late 50s. You insisted we got there early. I really enjoyed the day although I don’t recall what we did after Billingsgate. What I do often recall to this day is your interest in the market and things historical which was a side of you I never saw in our daily lives at Edmund Waller. I also remember that you wrote a lot in exercise books. You showed me some at your house. This too struck me then as the mark of someone with a very different outlook to me. I was one of academic types favoured by Miss Reeves. Nigel Barton (police flats, Lausanne Road).