Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Hidden and forgotten .......... bits of our not so distant past ............. road signs I like nu 2

It is early days but after yesterday’s story on that road sign high up a neighbour’s wall I am pleased that other people have come up with their favourites.*

"See better days ......"
They are the old fashioned ones which Neil tells me “would have been sandcast in iron, with the sand moulds made from standard letter patterns.” 

Not only that but he came up with a link to just how they were made,** and offered up  his own picture which he spotted on the side of the control building of the Ship Canal Road Swing Bridge in Warrington.

Warrington, 2016
What I particularly like is that in its neglected state it gives an explanation to how they were made it’s just what my old Maths teacher used to say about “showing the working out” on the way to an answer.

Not that my working was ever that good because back then sums were a mystery and my working out was more guess work.

But no one wants to know about that so instead I shall reflect that these old signs are becoming attractive additions to the home, and if you can’t track down an original there are always replicas made in wood which will do the trick.

Bill Sumner saw these “wooden copies for sale at the Macclesfield Treacle Market.”

So there you have it, in the space of a day I have written about an old road sign in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, discovered how they were made, found another in Warrington along with some brand new ones in Macclesfield, not bad for the start of a series.

Macclesfield, 2016
Added to which John offered one up in Urmston which with his permission I which feature later.

Location, Warrington & Macclesfield,

Pictures, roads signs,, Warrington, 2016 courtesy of Neil Simpson and replicas from the collection of Bill Sumner, 2016, Macclesfield

*Road Signs,

**How Our Signs Are Made - The Traditional Casting Method, SIGN CAST,

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