Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What have they done in Woolwich?

Now when you spend so much of your time crawling over the past you are apt to forget that when places change it is not all for the worse.

So when Colin and Liz went out one Sunday into Woolwich armed with a camera, and an old set of photographs I had high hopes that what they would come back with would be interesting and maybe even fun.

The quest was to match the old faded images of Wollwich from a century ago and chart the changes that have happened along with a sense of whether the changes were better or worse.

Now being a grumpy old historian I rather thought that not all had turned out for the best.

But I do have to admit that  that some of what we inherited from the early 20th century was by now grimy, unfit for purpose and quite frankly should have been demolished ages ago.

More over planners do not always get it wrong even if commercial considerations do sometimes create ugly buildings which brutalize the environment.  But not these figures.  They both intrigue me and make me smile and you can't say fairer than that.

Location; Woolwich, London

Picture; from the collection of Colin Fitzpatrick

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