Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wishing I had a letter to post .............. waiting at the Airport for the plane from Milan

Now of all the bits of street furniture I have come across these two do not rank very highly.

At T3 waiting for the plane from Milan, 2016
They are not that old and are not even on a street.

If you wanted to use either of them it would involve a trip out to the airport and a wander across to the arrivals area of T3.

But they are nevertheless post boxes and deserve a place in the category of “post boxes I have known.”

That said they may at some point in the future be on the move as the future plans for the airport unfold.*

Which just leaves me to wonder if my old friend David Harrop will get involved given that he “arranged the installation of the George V1 boxes.”

Location; T3, Manchester Airport, Manchester

Picture; at Manchester Airport, 2016, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

*Manchester Airport Master Plan to 2030, file:///C:/Users/Andrew/Documents/Downloads/AirportMasterplan.pdf

£1bn Manchester Airport transformation: Super-sized terminal, faster security, more passengers, more routes, Charlotte Cox, Manchester Evening News, June 16 2015

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