Saturday, 5 March 2016

St Catherine’s churchyard ................. the day it snowed March 2016

Now never let it be said that Andy Robertson is a fair-weather photographer.

In his pursuit of recording the buildings of Greater Manchester I have known him to go out as the rain was coming down like stair rods, watch as litter was blown past him in a gale and yesterday he took this picture as the snow tumbled down from the sky.

This is St Catherine’s graveyard on Barton Road of which I knew nothing, so I turned for help to Mark Fynn who came up with this image of the church from around 1905.

Mark has a collection of old picture postcards .

Location; Barton Road-upon-Irwell, Greater Manchester

Pictures; St Catherines’ churchyard, 2016, from the collection of Andy Robertson, and the church circa 1905 courtesy of Mark Fynn

*Manchester Postcards,

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