Monday, 28 March 2016

The singer, some ballroom dancers and that song .......... Sunday afternoon Italian TV

Now I don't as a rule pass judgement on the telly in the country we are staying.

After all if you don't live there all the year around then there is a lot you miss and drawing conclusions on a few hours television is a bit unfair.

But on the other hand we spend a fair bit of time with the family in Italy and in turn watch a fair bit of the programmes and so feel at home to comment.

And of all that we watch it has to be the wall to wall variety shows you get on a Sunday which go on all day into the evenings often seem to share the same presenters.

And my favourite to date has to the one mixing amateur singers a bunch of ballroom dancers and a collection of old, contemporary and popular Italian singers.

The host also sings and is accompanied by a group of musicians and singers who could be her children.

So yesterday amongst the raw talent and host belted out one song about her husband who was no longer interested in her, and it made no matter if she walked naked into the room or offered up his favourite food he steadfastly no longer seemed to want to know her.

Meanwhile a group of dances glided across the floor.

All very Sunday in Italy.

Location; Varese, Italy

Picture; from the collection of Andrew Simpson 2016

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