Tuesday, 1 March 2016

You can never get enough of Castlefield.

I can never get enough of Castlefield.

I remember it as a slightly shabby area waiting for something to happen.

Once it had been a thriving area of factories, warehouses and timber yards and a busy community, many of whom owed their livelihood to the railway goods yard on Liverpool Road and the nearby canal basin.

Now it is a world heritage site, full of smart new businesses and even smarter apartments but take a walk down to where the Duke’s Canal meets the Rochdale Canal and you can still get a sense of what was once there.

But even here with its relics of our industrial past the present pokes through.

I like the little amphitheatre just below that replica of the Roman fort and like others sat on deckchairs looking at the sand beside the towpath which marked a cheeky attempt to bring the seaside to Castlefield.

Location; Castlefield, Manchester

Picture, Castlefield circa 2007, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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