Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Watching people watching trams, on a Saturday in October

It was one of those less than promising days in town when the sun managed to come out for a few hours but you were never quite sure how long the rain would stay off or when the clouds would put a grey blanket across the sky.

Still Manchester was buzzing with the usual Saturday crowds added to by the visitors passing through to Old Trafford for the rugby.

And as you do I had ended up in St Peter’s Square with the intention of recording the traffic at the metro stop and with almost all the work having been completed on the area in front of the Ref there was plenty to see.

Now it won’t be that long before the metro stop is moved and enlarged so with that in mind I decided to record the scene.

I don’t pretend they are great pictures but are part of a bigger project to record the changes to the square from the moment the Ref closed till all the construction is finished

Location; Manchester.

Pictures; St Peter’s Square, October 2014

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