Wednesday, 16 March 2016

One to do ..... Trams around Shooters Hill .... the talk ... tomorrow

Now here is one to read and do from that excellent site Shooters Hill, which has news of a talk on Trams around Shooters Hill.

Woolwich Tramshed
Now I missed the old trams but have never lost a fascination for them, more so because of  our own growing set of trams and routes across Manchester and beyond.

If I could I would love to be at the talk tomorrow, especially to learn about the ones that rumbled past our home on Well Hall Road and of nights in the Tramshed in the 1970s.

The talk is from the Shooters Hill Local History Group and will be at Shrewsbury House on Thursday, March 17, for Shooters Hill Local History Group‘s next meeting:  

All are welcome at the event which starts at 8.00pm. There is a small visitors’ fee to cover the cost of the room.

Location; Shooters Hill, London

Pictures; Woolwich Tramshed courtesy of Shooters Hill

*Trams around Shooters Hill talk at Shooters Hill Local History Group,

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