Monday, 18 April 2016

Down at Didsbury .............. from books, lectures and hymns to flats and houses

Well it has been a short time in coming, but one that was to be expected and here is the confirmation.

My friend Pierre has sent over a brochure from a local estate agents announcing the next stage in the story of the old Didsbury College site.

Now I say short but when you can count your interest in the spot back two and a bit centuries this is just a blink of the eye.

It was a teacher training college for over sixty years, before that a theological college and go back far enough and it was the home of a grand local family.

In between all of that it did a stint as a private girls school and a Red Cross hospital, and now according to the leaflet that fell though Pierre’s letterbox there will soon be a “unique collection of one, two and three bedroom conversion properties and a fine selection of substantial three, four and five bedroomed new houses.”

Now like Pierre I have more than an interest in the old place.  Pierre worked there and I did my post grad course at the college back in 1972.

More recently I was invited back first by Pierre for the closing party held by the staff of the MMU  and a little later was back at the invitation of the developers to tour the archaeological dig that was taking place.

All of which has appeared here on the blog, and so not one to repeat  myself I shall just leave you to follow the links to the story and announce that the book on the history of Didsbury Training College by Andy Pickard is now on sale.

Location Didsbury

Pictures, of MMU Admin Building 2012-13 from the collection of Pierre Grace

*Didsbury College of Education,

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